India– a dream come true!

05 Jul

So, I am very backed up on posts lately, and I did not complete all I wanted to write about Sundrawoti. But because lots of time has passed and I am currently In India, I want to write about the last few days.

It was a very long journey to India, more then 40 hours from Pokhara, the vacation city, West from Kathmandu where I spent a week. I traveled with Keshet, a fellow volunteer.

The journey in short: A 10 hour bus ride from Pokhara, then a rickshaw to the boarder, a 3 hour bus ride to a city named Gorakpur, a 10 hour bus ride to another city, Lucknow and finally another 10 hours on a train to New Delhi. At least we arrived in one piece before Shabbat and had the amazing opportunity to stay at my Uncle’s apartment in New Delhi which was so nice and comfortable, and a great rest.

The funniest part was the rickshaw to the boarder. It was an un-motorized rickshaw, where you sit on the back of a bike that the rickshaw driver pedals. The rickshaw drivers who were  trying to convince us to get on their rickshaw’s were calling us fat… I guess I was not to offended because  I am used to locals calling me fat in Nepal. We decided to get on one rickshaw, me and Keshet and our two big backpacks. Needless to say the ride was long because the driver could barley get us moving. On the way he began talking about himself and told us he married in a ‘love marriage’ an ‘inter caste marriage’. It was interesting how proud he was that he married for love, no matter how unpopular it is.

It has been hard in India not to speak Nepali, which just slides off my tongue. After spending almost 5 months in Nepal my Nepali was finally very good and now I can no longer use it. I hope to try to learn some Hindi even though most of the locals speak English in a very strong, understandable Indian accent.

My lesson learned was always fly if you can and you have the money. Such long journey’s are more torture then an adventure.

So I am now looking forward to my 5 upcoming weeks in India. I hope to keep you folks out there  updated as much as possible.

Lila tov from India!



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