Nachne Samoaa ( Dancing group)

02 Jul

There was only a month left to volunteering, but I did not want my ECA (extra curricular) class at the Kalika school to just be about fun and games. So I decided to start a dancing group for girls in class 4 and 5. I had the amazing help of Rajkumari, my Nepali instructor, who has been a dancing teacher in the past. We chose two songs and split the girls into two groups, so it would be easier to teach. One boy also decided to participate, but didn’t end up dancing. I have never seen girls more excited to stay after school and learn to dance! It was incredible to see their determination, especially during the last week when we met them every afternoon to practice. We were preparing to show their dance in front of the entire school. The school then decided to make a whole program out of it and many children got up to read their poems in English or Nepali, to sing or to dance.

The girls brought sari’s to wear during the show, mostly from their mother’s or older sisters however, most of them did not know how to tie the sari’s on. As we were preparing for the show, meter after meter of sari’s were being thrown around the room, and I felt in an Indian movie. It was unfortunate that I did not know how to tie a sari either and only Rajkumari or Upama could help.

Upama helping out

 Some girls and myself before the show

The program lasted about two whole hours! I even gave a long speech in Nepali, thanking my amazing girls and staff and of course the school. I have it on video and will try to post it here later on.

So here are the videos Mordechai took of both groups.

The elder girls dancing to the song “Ilam Bazar ko”

The younger girls dancing to the song “Maitighar”:

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