26 May

During the activity before last with both my Amaa samoaa haru (women group’s) we made photo frames from bamboo and wool. We previously took photos of all the women and printed them in the nearby town. During the activity each participant received a photo of her fellow friend and she had to describe what characteristic she loves about her neighbor/ friend. Later on the women held their own photos and were asked  to speak about what they like about themselves and what their dreams for the future are.

Look at the beautiful frames created by the Milijuli Amaa samoaa (lower village):

And the Jagaran Amaa samoaa (upper village):

But what was most amazing and inspirational was that this week one of the women, Amika didi showed up with this:

She has built a mega frame for her children’s photos.

Things like this remind me what I am doing here in Sundrawoti. This women learned something new and went home to make an even more amazing creation. Now more then ever I feel like maybe I can help the village for the better.

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One response to “Framing

  1. Rachel

    May 26, 2011 at 20:34

    Love it! Absolutely love it!!


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