Gulu roti

14 May

After HajurAma died last Thursday we did not want to stay in the house for the weekend. Especially because the mourning laws of the Tami people are quite strict. We decided to travel to a city four hours away called Jiri. Jiri is a tourist city and the gateway to the Everest Base Camp trek. Some trekkers begin the trek from Jiri instead of flying to a city closer to the Everest.

We arrived in Jiri just in time for Shabbat and we found a comfortable guest house pretty promptly. Right as Shabbat was coming in, Dafna went out to buy some rolls to use as challa. When she returned she told us that when she asked where to find gulu roti– round bread, everyone laughed and she did not understand why. She decided to ask the guest house owner, Krishna Dai why people laughed. After she asked the question Krishna slowly smiled and said they laughed at her because she should have said golo roti and not gulu roti. Gulu roti means a man’s balls where golo roti is round bread. One small mistake in Nepali can be extremely embarrassing.

Me and Dafna told ourselves that we should be careful with the child club when we ask them to create a tulu golo, a big circle so we went accidentally ask them to create something else 🙂

The following is a picture of my child club while playing an English / Nepali memory game:

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