A walking haystack

12 May

Lately it has been wheat harvest season at the village. I sometimes spot the villagers with huge haystacks on their backs, going from their fields to their homes. The first time I saw such a person I had a flashback from a favorite childhood sesame street movie called Follow that Bird. If you have not yet seen the movie I highly recommend it. If you have seen it (all Heimowitz’s out there), I believe the following picture will be self-explanatory.

Always remember: “There aint no road too long”!

A walking haystack

Photo courtesy of Mordechai Trieger

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One response to “A walking haystack

  1. Rachel

    May 12, 2011 at 00:50

    Adorable. That is the first movie you ever saw. It was in Beit Shneirson in Hebron just before Aliza was born. Abba and I hooked this enormous video camera up to this itty bitty TV we had and I popped in the tape. (I don’t even know where we got it). Then we lay on our bed with you in the middle and we watched it all together. You were probable about 16 months old.
    A wonderful memory. Walking Haystacks!!


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