Havdalah in Nepal

08 May

Making Havdalah during my stay in Nepal has not always been easy. I always find myself searching for candles, besamim (something that smells good) or even for a drink to make Havdalah on instead of wine. During the first orientation month in the Kathmandu we used my roommate, Keshet’s perfume for besamim. During an off weekend in a city called Singati me and Mordechai bought a beer and used a good smelling pastry that we found at a local bakery. Last week, we were at the pasal where we eat and there we asked Kalika didi for a good smelling masala (spice). Moredchai  used tea instead of wine. But the most shocking use for havdalah was last night during my weekend in a city called Jiri, the gateway city to the Everest. We had tea for a drink and candles but the besamim was missing. Someone threw out an offer to use peanut butter, but we thought it not fitting havdalah. So another fellow friend pulled out the hashish he carries around in order to smell. The hashish was then passed around during the bracha for besamim. That was for sure the oddest use for besamim up to now.

Samim for besamim?

Don’t worry readers I am not doing anything illegal 🙂

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