Love marriage or arranged marriage- that is the question

24 Apr

Nepal is a very traditional society where arranged marriages are still popular (not so different from the charedi society).

On one of our visits to a village, Mahadev Besi we met the local youth group. The girls in the youth group decided to ask each of the volunteers a random question. One of the questions they asked was if the volunteer prefered love marriage or arranged marriage. Not only was the question funny but also the fact that they happened to ask a volunteer that was engaged. She of course answered “love marriage”. We then asked them in turn what they prefered. Most answered “arranged marriage”.

The second time I encountered the same issue was at the village. I heard that Balaram, our agriculture staff member was supposed to get married. I asked the area coordinator, Upama when he is getting married. She answered that his parents had arranged for him to marry a young women from a nearby village but when someone looked at the horoscope it did not match and the marriage was canceled. Upama told us that Balaram still talks on the phone with the young women.

Society here is very traditional society in which arranged marriages are canceled because of a mismatched horoscope.


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3 responses to “Love marriage or arranged marriage- that is the question

  1. Shani Lachmish

    April 24, 2011 at 17:11

    ברור שידוך… לאב שמאב. אה, שכחתי להגיד לך שכשאת חוזרת מחכה לך שידוך מהכפר הסמוך.

    • avigayilh

      April 29, 2011 at 12:24

      🙂 I receive shiduch proposals every other day here. BTW my village bahini (younger sister) is getting married next week. Go arranged marriages!


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