Bahisi Samoaa

24 Apr

I meet the women of the village twice a week at 6:30 AM with the help of Timna and Upama. The women work very hard and only agree to meet us early in the morning before they go to the “jungle” to cut down plants for the animals.

The women forget what day it is and do not come to the meeting unless we conduct home visits the night before. During the home visits we climb up or down the mountain and scream into houses that the mothers-Ama’s should come to the women group.

The exchange goes something like this:

 Me: “Boli bihana sade chaa, aama samoaa, jagaran eschool ma aaune, huncha?”

 Translation: Come tomorrow morning, at 6:30 AM to the women group at the Jagaran school. ok?

 Ama: “Huncha”

Translation: OK

During one of our home visits Timna saw some buffalo and with good humor started speaking to them and invited them to a buffalo group or in Nepali- a bahisi samoaa. Balaram, who accompanied her on the home visits looked at her and said: “No bahisi, Ama”. He did not get her humor in English and thought she was really inviting the bahisi to a meeting.

Maybe I can open a bahisi samoaa in order to milk them. Warm buffalo milk is absolutely the best!


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2 responses to “Bahisi Samoaa

  1. Aliza

    May 2, 2011 at 23:06

    my didi, this is your bahini speaking.
    i need my DIDI.

  2. avigayilh

    May 4, 2011 at 11:19

    I need my Bahini more.
    Jump on a plane sis!


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