The red color

21 Apr
During one of my activities with the child club I run twice a week Dafna and myself decided to create an expectation box with them. We handed the children paper and colors and asked them to write and draw their personal expectations for the next few months. We then buried the box at the back of our house and we hope to open during our last activity before we leave to see if their expectations were reached.

As I was packing the colors for the activity, the Nepali area coordinator, Upama ran to her room to bring me a pack of red markers. I did not understand why she had a pack of one single color until I took it out of my bag during the activity. The children’s reaction was incredible, they all grabbed the red markers and would not let go. They also refused to use any other color the entire activity.

The expectation papers are all written and drawn with a thick red marker, go figure Nepali children….

Maybe they are influenced by their Mother’s dress code?

Women group wearing red while making braclets

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3 responses to “The red color

  1. Shani Lachmish

    April 24, 2011 at 17:06

    וואו, גם הלבוש וגם הצבעים… אהבתי את התיאור שלך אביגיל!! מתגעגעת!

  2. avigayilh

    April 29, 2011 at 12:26

    Me too! more pictures of the women group next time I am online…


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